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Life Story Hub

Well worth a visit is Life Story Hub  

This new and innovative website is rich in suggestions and resources and it provides a sensitive and sympathetic understanding of the needs of vulnerable people, both young and elderly. The website author is Natalie Salaman, an experienced social worker and specialist in post-adoption and guardianship support. Her website however, goes beyond giving professional insight and is the author’s expression of her own personal creative process. She advocates facilitating communication through poetry, music, literature and art to enable children and adults to explore issues such as identity, culture, imagination. The website recommends

a selection of children’s fiction books, including myths, legends, fairy-tales, fables and adventure to suit children in their infancy or junior phase. Her ‘’top ten’ novels offer a gateway into a number of themes, such as trust, belonging, loneliness and isolation, death and loss, courage and power, creating an understanding that children can safely explore and reflect on deeper and more powerful issues through a creative media.

“Find ways to fuel connection to a personal life force. Use the power of Poetry, Art, Literature, Music and Life Stories. NATALIE SALAMAN

The website provides rich resources for life story (valtrex 1000mg) work, not only in early, but also in later life. The invaluable resources are accessible to all, suitable for use by anyone, lay or professional, parents and carers, young or old. It empowers anyone to improve the quality of life in others by engagement in literature, music and the arts and sets in motion an overarching ethos that places a high value on the importance of creative communication.

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Life Story Hub

Well worth a visit is Life Story Hub   This new and innovative …