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It is not uncommon to feel low or a little anxious every once in a while, however depression can be much more serious and can require therapy. Depression is a feeling of sadness, despairing and hopeless, lack of energy, interest and enjoyment, even guilt and self-blame. If left, it can become severe and can lead to suicidal thoughts, suicide and self-harm. Sometimes anxiety and depression go hand in hand and can cause you to be unable to sleep and eat properly.  I use tailored therapies including relaxation techniques and mindfulness to help a person understand their thoughts and feelings and how to manage them which can bring about significant improvements to emotional well being.

I use counselling as a talking therapy that enables you to talk about issues that concern you and your feelings in a confidential, safe and dependable environment. It can support you to make sense of difficulties and find ways of dealing with them. It can empower you to give you a strong sense of you inner resources, to develop a sense of new direction and make positive changes in your life. Being listened to and accepted as you are can be liberating. It enables you to accept and cultivate a sense of who you are and enables you to live a more positive and contented life. I also use non verbal therapies to help you explore your issues.

Finding the right Counsellor for you is important so that you can develop a sense of trust and feel safe to talk. An initial session will enable you to decide whether you are making the right choice.

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