Stress and anxiety

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Stress and anxiety

Anxiety can produce intense feelings and worrying thoughts which can be difficult to manage. If left, these thoughts and feelings can adversely affect a person’s emotional and physical well-being and cause mental health concerns. Anxiety and stress can also manifest in physical or bodily symptoms or can cause one to have concerns about their physical or mental health.

Stress, anxiety and depression can go hand in hand and can result from sudden change, pressure caused by work, job loss, illness, bereavement, relationship breakdown or financial difficulties. Anxiety and stress are often normal responses to threatening situations but can easily lead to uncomfortable feelings. Anxiety can manifest itself by experiencing feelings of mild or acute stress, including panic. Whether your problem is post-traumatic stress, an adjustment reaction, a phobia an or obsessive compulsive problem, this is where my expertise can help you by helping you to understand your difficulty and to learn how to manage your worrying thoughts and emotions by developing coping strategies


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