Young people

Counselling in Enfield / young people

If you are having problems at school or at home, are not feeling yourself, or feel that you need someone to listen to you, it can be helpful to talk to someone and to be listened to by a person who is going to be supportive and who is not going to judge you. You may be experiencing a loss  or anxiety, parents may be divorcing or separating, you may be being bullied, suffering from an eating disorder or using drugs and alcohol. Counselling can help you to talk about how you feel, in your own time and away from family and school life. Talking can help you to feel better about yourself, improve your confidence and help you to better understand yourself and how to deal with situations about yourself. I can offer you a safe and supportive place to talk.

I offer counselling support to young people aged 14+ who are suffering from a wide range of issues, including stress, anxiety, self harm, eating disorders and depression.  I also provide specialist counselling to young people are misusing drugs and alcohol or if they suffer from childhood sexual, physical, emotional abuse and neglect.